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Our Philosophy

What do you want to Be?

Pure Spirit Potions & Remedies were created to bring the pure healing powers of nature into your body, home & life. They are safe & powerful & will never contain harmful chemicals or synthetic ingredients. You can feel secure & proud knowing you & your family are using cruelty free, eco-friendly products & packaging. We source from fair trade & organic suppliers to insure the utmost in quality & care because what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body.


P.S.Potions are hand crafted from beginning to end allowing a close eye on the quality, safety & care of every bottle and jar that is filled with Pure Spirit. We use only the finest Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from all over the world that are tested with the highest standards recognized in Aromatherapy (GC/MS Testing). This ensures Pure Spirit is offering only completely Pure, unadulterated Essential Oils. We source Organic Raw ingredients from Fair Trade, ecologically conscious companies (like Global Momma’s) to create safe, powerful, natural remedies for just about anything that ails you. 


We offer Aromatherapy and Natural Body Care Remedies that have been developed over many years of disciplined practice in a variety of healing arts modalities. We know you want a safe yet powerful Potion that brings results. That’s why we have dedicated our passion to making sure all of our blends are created by Aromatherapist’s, Ayurvedic Specialist’s, Licensed Massage Therapist’s who have spent their lives mastering nature blending. Potions can be completely customized to your needs and likes. Special blends are available for children, babies and moms' to be... and even your pets can benefit from the powers of potions...



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